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The Fixed Fee Advantage® System
Helps You Realize Your Goal... While Maximizing Your Dollars!

The existing methodology within the construction industry has, by its nature, developed an adversarial relationship between the Owner and the Contractor. This relationship creates an incentive to cut corners, create unnecessary change orders, and squelch any team efforts. Under a ‘Fixed Contract Amount’, the Contractor is encouraged to pit his construction knowledge FOR the Owner. Our goal is to change this into a relationship where the Contractor is encouraged to use his knowledge FOR the Owner rather AGAINST the Owner. We call this approach: Fixed Fee Advantage® which fosters:

A Unique Partnering Relationship
Contractors assured of project
Creates free exchange of ideas
Owner benefits from cost savings
No profits on building code corrections

Quality Assurance
100% open cost accounting
100% open subcontractor bids
Fixed Contractor Fees

Detailed categories & descriptions
Alternatives & savings suggestions
Reminder of owner’s responsibility
Detailed budget and costs

Project Accounting
Detailed budgets
Cost Accounting
Supporting invoices
Lien Wavers
AIA 702/703 (upon request)

Attention to Detail
Critical Path Analysis
Daily Reports
Project Management
Full Time Supervisors

“We take a different approach.
We believe everyone has to win…or…no one wins.”