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The Gainsborough Group are experts in building with ICF's for optimum quality and long term benefits.

The ICF ReddiForm has served commercial and residential builders, local and state government and energy-conscious home owners since 1990.

Our permanent buildings, reinforced concrete walls and foundations offer structural, energy-saving and cost-saving advantages over traditional stick-frame or CMU construction and standard insulation methods. ICF construction provides for more efficient construction, structural stability and a healthier living environment while reducing energy consumption.

For example, this is a photo of a home built with an ICF, taken by FEMA from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina hitting Broward County, Florida in August 2005. The devastation surrounding the only ICF building standing demonstrates the 'no-brainer' of building with ReddiForm!



  • 10" Lifts In A Single Pour
  • Terrorist Resistance Construction
  • Lower Construction Cost
  • 50% Less Construction Time
  • Noise Reduction – STC 53
  • Energy Efficiency – R21
  • Non Toxic – Fire Resistant
  • Custom Build Design
  • Replace CMU
  • Eliminates Furring Strips
  • Hurricane Wind Sheer Stability
  • Greater Seismic Stability
  • Green Building Product
  • Better Mold Control
  • Healthier Air Quality
  • Insect Resistant