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Our Services

Site Selection – from the vantage point of a licensed real estate professional, we can walk sites with you and make suggestions as to the compatibility with your intended use.

Development – during the development process, we interface with the engineers, architect and client. This is crucial towards the success of arriving at a detailed project scope and budget, for our client's specific needs.

Architectural – working with the architects during the design phase, we supply them the specifications to strengthen overall design and detail for a state of the art finished building product. We are ever ready to respond to requests for information, recommending time and money saving alternatives for our client.

Engineering – the means and method of construction can have a direct effect on the budget. The earlier we can be involved in the process, the great the effect we can have for our client.

Budgeting – this is at the heart of what we can do for you. We will give you a detailed budget for the plans as drawn. If this does not stay within your budget, we can Value Engineer. Value Engineering challenges us to provide you with the same look and quality of construction at a lower price.

Plan Coordination – plans are logged into our system with diligence. Revisions are recorded and distributed accordingly. Dispatching to the Building Department is done in a timely manner with no one left out of the loop.

Permitting – each building project is watched over with a full time on site supervisor. He works in conjunction with the Project Manager to troubleshoot on site challenges and to foresee and eliminate bottlenecks that may hinder the scheduled completion date.

Supervision – each building project is supported with a qualified commercial superintendent who supervisory skills thrust the project milestones forward each day. Each superintendent is in communication with the Project Manager 24/7, troubleshooting and eliminating bottlenecks that may hinder the scheduled completion date, tracking progress, tracking shipments, enhancing communication and thus reducing liability.

Project Management – project management with excellence at the Gainsborough Group is the primary reason for our success rate of clients looking to repeat business. Our project management staff uses state of the art reporting software for scheduling and reporting, liaisons with the client and interfaces with the President of the Gainsborough Group, who takes a personal and active interest in each project.

Critical Path Analysis – like the budget, a detailed construction schedule must be compiled to facilitate a successful project. We use SureTrak software from Primavera for this task. Each phase of construction is detailed and placed on a critical path for monitoring.

Owner's Representative – No one can oversee the work of a contactor like another General Contractor. We know when you are getting what you paid for and when you are not. We will have your best interest at heart at all times.

Personal Responsibility – Charles H. Edwards, President of The Gainsborough Group, Inc. demonstrates impeccable character and work ethic with excellence in all his dealings. Whether coordinating a multi-million commercial project or taking his family of six blue water fishing 50 nautical miles off shore, one look in his eyes tells you he is a leader you can trust. It is his personal integrity in all his dealings that bring the clients back year after year.